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Intro To Crypto

Beginner crypto course

1 hr


Online Meetup

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Designed for clients who have completed their coaching program.

Once your initial coaching program is complete, keep your company on track with our retainer program.

Your customized retainer will keep new strategies and programs on point as growth and profit plans are executed.

Two calls a month for a minimum of 6 months will insure the work you did during your coaching program is completed and in place.

What you'll learn

  • What is Defi

  • ​What are smart contracts and what are some real life examples?

  • ​What is a blockchain technologu and what is it used for?

  • ​What is cryptocurrency and what is bitcoin?​

  • What is Ethereum, Ether and how are they different from Bitcoin blockchain?

  • What exactly is decentralized autonomous organisation and how can I get funding?

  • How does everything work together - blockchain, cryptocurrency

  • Other crypto currenciesThere are over 12,000+ cryptos are going in the ecosystem. It can be difficult to identify the legitimate (and potentially world changing) projects versus tokens built on marketing hype. We will together identify some of these tokens. How To

  • What communities can you join to help you grow

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